13 Jun 2021

Berlin Tool for Super-Recognizer Identification

Media coverage of our bespoke assessment tool

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29 May 2021

Interview for Futureproof - newstalk's podcast on science

In a special episode on “Face Blindness & Super Recognition" Jonathan McCrea interviews Professors Fiona Newell and Meike Ramon on human processing of facial identity.

17 May 2021

Migros highlights the faces of our Super-Recognizers

Ever seen a Super-Recognizer? Two of the AFC Lab's participants were featured in the Swiss media.

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07 May 2021

AFC Lab & Berlin Police collaboration in the news

The ADR Hauptstadtstudio had exclusive access to the Best Practice Handbook of the EU project Safer Space for Safer Cities (SafeCi).

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06 May 2021

How can cities be better protected in the future?

Meike Ramon and Simon Rjosk contributed a chapter to the Best Practice Handbook developed in the context of the EU-funded project "Safer Space for Safer Cities" (SafeCi).

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21 Mar 2021

FAQs concerning Super-Recognizers

A collection of 10 most frequently asked question on the topic. Whether you're a journalist, government official, or civilians — if you are interested in Super-Recognizers, this is a good place to start.

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09 Mar 2021

FOCUS - Real Crimes / Echte Verbrechen

Meike and Simon Rjosk (Berlin State Police) were interviewed for FOCUS's special edition #4

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07 Mar 2021

Why do I work with the police?

I have the privilege of working with various international police agencies interested in human face processing.

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15 Jul 2020

Super-Recognizers in Policing – Berlin Model for Super-Recognizer Identification

Meike was a keynote speaker at the second EU Consortium seminar of ProTEct (Public Resilience using TEchnology to Counter Terrorism).

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