FOCUS - Real Crimes / Echte Verbrechen

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Meike and Simon Rjosk (Berlin State Police) were interviewed for FOCUS's special edition #4

Meike Ramon
09 March 2021

Read the full text (in DE) here [FOCUS - ECHTE VERBRECHEN Ausgabe 04]

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07 March 2021

Why do I work with the police?

I have the privilege of working with various international police agencies interested in human face processing.

Superior Face ProcessingPolicingFace processing
15 July 2020

Super-Recognizers in Policing – Berlin Model for Super-Recognizer Identification

Meike was a keynote speaker at the second EU Consortium seminar of ProTEct (Public Resilience using TEchnology to Counter Terrorism).

Superior Face ProcessingFace processingPolicing