First official Super-Recognizer employed by Swiss Police

Superior Face Processing
Face processing

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) reports about one of our Super-Recognizers who just started their job at the Winterthur Police.

02 Jan 2023

It's official: one of "ours" is the first Swiss Super-Recognizer officially employed for their outstanding abilities at Stadtpolizei Winterthur. You can read the NZZ article written by Daniel Gerny here. (Image credit: Emma Innocenti / Imago)

How was this possible?

Lorenz Wyss wrote his Diploma thesis on the topic a few years ago, which was awarded the Association of Swiss Police Officers Innovation Prize. Together, Lorenz and Meike wrote an article published by the Swiss Police Institute, and both are committed to advancing SRs in the Swiss Police.

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