Migros highlights the faces of our Super-Recognizers

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Ever seen a Super-Recognizer? Two of the AFC Lab's participants were featured in the Swiss media.

17 May 2021

What do Super-Recognizers look like and what are their day-to-day experiences?

The Swiss MIGROS wanted know and featured two of our Zürich-based Super-Recognizers.

Read the full interview here.

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07 May 2021

AFC Lab & Berlin Police collaboration in the news

The ADR Hauptstadtstudio had exclusive access to the Best Practice Handbook of the EU project Safer Space for Safer Cities (SafeCi).

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06 May 2021

How can cities be better protected in the future?

Meike Ramon and Simon Rjosk contributed a chapter to the Best Practice Handbook developed in the context of the EU-funded project "Safer Space for Safer Cities" (SafeCi).

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