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03 Feb 2022
Developing a test to assess the ability of Zurich’s police cadets to discriminate, learn and recognize voices
Andrea Fröhlich
Zurich Forensic Science Institute
The goal of this pilot study is to develop a test through which people with extraordinary voice recognition and discrimination skills can be found (for forensic purposes). Since interest in this field has emerged, three studies have been published with the goal of finding people with potential super-recognition skills in voice processing. One of them is a discrimination test and two are recognition tests, but neither combines the two test scenarios and their test designs cannot be directly compared to a casework scenario in forensics phonetics. The pilot study at hand attempts to bridge this gap and analyses if the skills of voice discrimination and recognition correlate. The study is guided by a practical, forensic application, which further complicates the process of creating a viable test. The participants for the pilot consist of different classes of police cadets, which means the test can be redone and adjusted over time.