AFC Lab Talk Series

We host a virtual talk series on Wednesdays. Our aim: to support early-career researchers and underrepresented groups by providing a platform for their work and increasing networking opportunities.

If you'd like to give a talk, drop us a message and we'll get it organised.

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Wed, 21 Jun 2023
Representational Connectivity Analysis (RCA): a Method for Investigating Flow of Content-Specific Information in the Brain
Mater Research, Australia
Representational Connectivity Analysis (RCA) has gained mounting interest in the past few years. This is because, rather than conventional tracking of signal, RCA allows for the tracking of information across the brain. It can also provide insights into the content and potential transformations of the transferred information. This presentation explains several variations of the method in terms of implementation and how it can be adopted for different modalities (E/MEG and fMRI). I will also present caveats and nuances of the method which should be considered when using the RCA.